What we do

Sustainable development protects and enhances our local and global environment so that future generations have the same opportunities and quality of life as we do, or better!

We share ideas and inspiration at our Green Drinks and on our facebook page on how we can reduce our environmental impact as individuals.

We set up or attend events that inspire action or support for environmental action, including expert talks, craftivism, and community actions.

We speak to the local and district council about what is possible, what resources are available, and share lessons from other communities.

Our environment in numbers


11% of our area is woodland, with additional tree cover up to around 20%. For Net Zero, this needs to be doubled.


20% of commuter journeys are made by public transport, cycling and walking, compared to 30% in similar council areas.


Only 35% of Newark and Sherwood homes are well insulated. Nearly all need insulation if we’re to get to Net Zero.


Only 32% of household waste is reused, recycled, or composted, compared with 68% in similar local authorities.

See the area’s full dataset and recommendations here.