Volunteers preparing land for restoring hedge line

Greening Southwell

We have commissioned advice from the Wildlife Trust on how to nurture nature and improve biodiversity in our town. Lots of people have been sharing pictures of the wildflowers have thrived during lockdown, including orchids, wild garlic, ladysmock flowers and daisies en masse.  All these flowers provide vital nutrients to wildlife; and allowing the grassContinue reading “Greening Southwell”

Indicative site of Halloughton Solar Farm

Halloughton Solar Farm

Comments have been invited on the proposal to develop a solar farm in Halloughton capable of generating 50MW, covering 107 hectares. This will generate enough renewable power to generate the equivalent annual energy needs of around 12,209 homes and will not require subsidies as the costs of solar PV have fallen 90% since 2009. FullContinue reading “Halloughton Solar Farm”


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