Meat-free Menus

There are many reasons to eat less meat. Here are some ideas from local residents, shops and cafés to inspire you.

And please get in touch if you want to tell us about a local café or restaurant that offers great vegan/veggie options, or with a recipe you want to share.

Fairtrade matters

Sustainable development is only possible if we make decisions based on their economic, environmental AND social impact. Fair trade is core to social sustainability. It means workers are safe in their workplace, and are paid fairly. And when the supply chain behind products and services signs up to the Fairtrade standard, it means they areContinue reading “Fairtrade matters”

Vegetarian Staples – India

Many cuisines across the world have developed without an abundance of meat and feature vegetables loud and proud in their favourite dishes. Some also have religious or other cultural reasons for avoiding meat. These different approaches to food provide ample inspiration for nutritious vegetarian and vegan recipes that don’t stint on flavour. In the nextContinue reading “Vegetarian Staples – India”


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