Talking community energy at NSDC’s Parish Councils Conference 2019

Today we presented our thoughts on the potential of community projects to contribute to the sustainable development of communities across the Newark and Sherwood District.

We talked about the range of projects that have been developed by communities in the District and elsewhere, covering food, waste, transport and energy – and how they were funded. Over the past decade communities have tended to develop energy projects that raise revenue, but there are also Lottery grants and other funds available for other intiatives.

For the right projects, over the right time-frame, a business case can still stack up for community energy in pure financial terms. But the lesson learned from others is that communities should pursue the opportunities that local resources and skills can deliver. Funding options change over time, and it is those projects that have had time in development – often without certainty over funding – are those that are ready to take opportunities as they arise.

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