Solar Streets community meeting

Tonight we hosted Carbon Legacy and 30 interested households at Southwell Town Council offices, to hear how we could work together to get a better deal for the environment, and ourselves.

We heard how it is still possible to get a 7.7% return on investment from installing solar PV, but this is very dependent on who is at home, whether electricity is used for space and water heating, and what potential there is to shift time of use to when the sun is shining, or by the use of a battery.

A number of people told how they were interested in using solar PV to charge their electric cars, others expressed interest in heat pumps and/or batteries to help them move off the fossil fuels that currently heat their homes and power their cars.

All attendees had registered their interest via the Solar Streets survey, and we look forward to helping people get a good deal where the Carbon Legacy survey finds it makes financial as well as environmental sense. Next steps can be found in the document below.

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