Halloughton Solar Farm

Indicative site of Halloughton Solar Farm

Comments have been invited on the proposal to develop a solar farm in Halloughton capable of generating 50MW, covering 107 hectares. This will generate enough renewable power to generate the equivalent annual energy needs of around 12,209 homes and will not require subsidies as the costs of solar PV have fallen 90% since 2009.

Full details are available here, and comments should be submitted by 5pm on Sunday 24th May 2020.

Newark and Sherwood District Council and Southwell Town Council have both declared a Climate Emergency, and recognise the urgent need to decarbonise our society. To deliver this we need to reduce demand significantly and switch remaining energy supplies to renewable sources.

Members of Green Southwell have sent our initial thoughts (link below) to the developers. We value our green and pleasant landscape but we also recognise the urgency of switching to decarbonised energy sources if we are to retain the climate that allows it to flourish. 

Our recommendations:

  1. Include natural flood risk management measures, in consultation with the Trent Rivers Trust,  Nottinghamshire County Council, National Flood Forum and Southwell Flood Forum. into the development of the land to mitigate current and future flood risk to Southwell.
  2. An independent assessment of the agricultural grade of the land.
  3. Newark and Sherwood District Council (NSDC) to develop the potential for renewable energy generation on brownfield sites.
  4.  The growth of natural screening to protect visual amenity and the retention and enhancement of wildlife corridors alongside rights of way and along other existing hedgelines.
  5. This should join other local renewable energy developments by actively supporting the sustainable development of local communities by donating a proportion of revenue to local initiatives that reduce energy demand, enhance biodiversity and build community resilience.

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