Insulate yourself from rising energy prices

The current energy price rise isn’t a one-off. We’ve not had a particularly cold winter; it doesn’t seem like supplies from Russia will be particularly reliable any time soon; North Sea gas is not discounted just because it’s in UK waters; and the UK is facing increasing competition for supplies from increasing demand around theContinue reading “Insulate yourself from rising energy prices”

Greening Southwell

We have commissioned advice from the Wildlife Trust on how to nurture nature and improve biodiversity in our town. Lots of people have been sharing pictures of the wildflowers have thrived during lockdown, including orchids, wild garlic, ladysmock flowers and daisies en masse.  All these flowers provide vital nutrients to wildlife; and allowing the grassContinue reading “Greening Southwell”

Helping Newark and Sherwood with its environmental ambitions

In July 2019 our District Council declared a climate emergency, and in September set out a plan of action for how it would approach the challenge . Having spoken at the Council meeting, and launching a petition calling for urgent follow-up action, we were invited to give our views to the relevant committee and theirContinue reading “Helping Newark and Sherwood with its environmental ambitions”

Have a conscious Christmas

Southwell has been welcoming visitors at Christmas for over 900 years. For most of those years those visitors were focussed on the Minster, but they are also now drawn by the town’s retailers. A busy high street full of independent shops is good for the economy, our community and the environment. We don’t have toContinue reading “Have a conscious Christmas”

Making homes fit for the future

I’ve recently started to renovate a house, and I’m lucky that the house is already extremely well insulated. But I still need to work out how to best ventilate it, to get fresh air in without letting the warmth out. The answer at first, as with so many products in the energy efficiency market, seemsContinue reading “Making homes fit for the future”

Pint of Science 2019: Fashion, Food and Floods

Fashion, Food and Floods: three sustainability challenges facing our society 40 locals joined us in the Hearty’s Barn for an evening of talks from Nottingham Trent University on Our Society and Planet Earth, asking how we tackle our throwaway culture, how secure are our food supplies, and how can we manage flood risk in aContinue reading “Pint of Science 2019: Fashion, Food and Floods”