Online event, 29 November: COP26 and Southwell – What next?

Responding to the big question raised by the COP26 yarnbombs and Southwell Climate March, this event asks what can we do as individuals and a community?

This online event has been put together by Green Southwell to answer some of those questions for individuals, and to generate ideas for what we can do as a community.

The three speakers are from Southwell and surrounding villages so will be able to offer a local and personal perspective on their areas of expertise. They will have 15-20 minutes each plus time for questions . Attendees will be very welcome to ask questions, and feel free to send those in advance if you wish.

John Firth, the impact of a changing climate

John Firth has over 25 years’ extensive experience of integrating climate change into decision-making and risk management processes, working with international, national and sub-national governments and with the private sector in developing and developed countries. He has helped deliver over 350 climate change adaptation and resilience projects in over 60 countries, in the agriculture, agri-business, transport (ports, airports and roads), energy, water, oil and gas, mining, insurance, investment and banking sectors; and has been named one of the 100 most influential people in the world on environmental investing and policy making. So, fresh back from COP26, he’s very well-placed to set out what the Glasgow Pact means for our climate, our everyday lives, and for those on the front line of climate change.

Simon Tilley, individual action

Simon Tilley is a Chartered Mechanical Engineer and was a founding member of the Hockerton Housing Project, a local sustainable housing development. He has over 25 years experience designing solutions to environmental problems, at an individual, house and community level, with a particular focus on low impact housing and food, community renewables, and education. He will set out the difference we can make and why those actions matter, and encourage us to think about how we can work together to overcome obstacles.

Mo Kelly, clean heat 

The quick one-two of rising bills and COP26 has got lots of people thinking about how they heat their homes. Mo is the Managing Director and Chief Electrical Engineer for a local renewable energy installation company SASIE, with 25 years experience of installing renewables and clean heat options (heat pumps and solar thermal). He will provide an introduction to heat pumps, why they are most often cited as the clean alternative to gas central heating, and consider their suitability for different types of home.

Green Southwell will be interested to hear ideas for collaborative action during and following the event, picking up from the success of our Solar Streets project pre-pandemic, where a group of householders got together with Green Southwell to benefit from shared learning and market research about solar PV. 

[Photo Credit: Jim Connolly Photography]

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