Online event, 29 November: COP26 and Southwell – What next?

Responding to the big question raised by the COP26 yarnbombs and Southwell Climate March, this event asks what can we do as individuals and a community? This online event has been put together by Green Southwell to answer some of those questions for individuals, and to generate ideas for what we can do as aContinue reading “Online event, 29 November: COP26 and Southwell – What next?”

COP26 Yarn Bomb!

To highlight the breadth and depth of the ecological emergency, our town’s Yarn Bomb group brought the challenges facing our natural world to the streets of Southwell… on our bollards. We used some of the 112 bollards to explain some of the breadth and depth of the challenges faced by the climate and biodiversity. WeContinue reading “COP26 Yarn Bomb!”

COP26 Climate March

Thank you SO MUCH to the hundreds of people who joined Southwell’s COP26 ClimateMarch today. It is as important for us to meet and share concerns, ideas and actions as it is to highlight them to others. We kicked off the march with an excerpt from church leaders’ joint statement on #climatechange, so for thoseContinue reading “COP26 Climate March”