Vegetarian staples – pickles from around the world

Pickles can be snacks, meal accompaniments or used to pep up something otherwise a little bland (think cheese sandwich or fried rice). These Japanese, Indonesian and Korean pickles can be used in much the same way. Thanks so much to Angie from the Hop Barn for these suggestions! Japanese Pickles Eat these as snacks inContinue reading “Vegetarian staples – pickles from around the world”

Vegetarian staples – Middle East

We’re continuing our mini-series of recipes that are innately vegetarian, or in this case vegan. Different cultures around the world have developed foods that don’t depend on meat for all kinds of reasons. This example from the middle east is festival food when made with meat, but the version without meat is an everyday foodContinue reading “Vegetarian staples – Middle East”

Vegetarian Staples – India

Many cuisines across the world have developed without an abundance of meat and feature vegetables loud and proud in their favourite dishes. Some also have religious or other cultural reasons for avoiding meat. These different approaches to food provide ample inspiration for nutritious vegetarian and vegan recipes that don’t stint on flavour. In the nextContinue reading “Vegetarian Staples – India”

Substitutes for meat: Quorn

The last of our meat substitutes series covers an old favourite – Quorn. Its a product that comes in different shapes and sizes with different flavour profiles, and has a satisfying texture. This recipe from Green Southwell member Sally is another, wholesome, spicy favourite. It’s quick to make and vegan, without the sour cream TheContinue reading “Substitutes for meat: Quorn”

A substitute for egg!

Whilst meat substitutes are now ten-a-penny, we are less used to looking for egg substitutes. However, vegan foods are also strongly on the rise and are very earth-friendly, and an egg substitute can come in handy when you’re whipping up, for example, a vegan brunch…to sit alongside your vegan sausages, beans, fried mushrooms, grilled tomatoesContinue reading “A substitute for egg!”

Substitutes for meat: Veg proteins

The market for vegetable protein meat alternatives is huge and growing fast. They vary enormously in texture and flavour. From traditional staples like the Quorn and Linda McCartney ranges to newcomers such as The Vegetarian Butcher, Beyond Meat and Richmond’s Meat Free products, there has never been so much variety. Some of these products aimContinue reading “Substitutes for meat: Veg proteins”

Substitutes for meat: Pulses

Over the past couple of weeks we’ve looked at some dishes that make for very easy and familiar meat-free meals so far. These are a great place to start as there’s no sense of compromise. However, there are loads of great meat recipes out there which can become vegetarian and equally delicious if a littleContinue reading “Substitutes for meat: Pulses”

Meat free menus – a heap of veg!

This post isn’t so much a recipe as an idea – that a heap of roasted veg can take you in all sorts of delicious directions! We’re still on the theme of trying to make eating a more plant-based diet delicious but straightforward. One of the most versatile ways to use veg as the basisContinue reading “Meat free menus – a heap of veg!”

Meat-free menus – Soup

Veggie soups are the ideal follow-on from our first recipe. They are, like the cauliflower cheese, their own thing! They aren’t a ‘meat-free version’ of something. They taste the way they are supposed to taste. Blended soups in particular are filling and hearty… and topped with croutons, some toasted shaved coconut or a swirl ofContinue reading “Meat-free menus – Soup”